Monday, June 16, 2014

Shopping pants with budget

I love to wear pants to work because it is convenient plus I don’t have to worry about hunting for panty hose if I wear dress or skirt.
The pants I am still wearing are more than 5 years and some is already too small for me, yeah especially after 3rd pregnancy…
Last Friday, after our movie, we went and hunt for my pants. Well, I was very ‘kiamsiap’ when coming to shopping. From Uniglo, H&M and Padini, I ended up in Jusco Agenda. DH was my super honest fashion critics… I almost wanted to buy all Agenda pants which were RM 39.90 but DH asked to mix with some a bit more expensive… I ended up with 4 pair of pants at RM 217. Unfortunately, the person in-charge for pants alteration already went home so we ended up going again the next day to get the pants altered plus DH need to buy a bag for his work.
The end of my short story….