Monday, November 10, 2008

Book Review: Ariel’s Journey

The title was the first thing which attracted Mummy the most because it had the same name as our girl, Ariel. This is the first book Mummy read after so long. Mummy used to love reading since Mummy was in primary school until university time.

As Mummy was reading the book, it reminded Mummy of the series adventures books which Mummy used to read when Mummy was young for example Famous Five, Secret Seven, Malory Towers and many others just to name a few.

However Ariel’s Journey would be a modern, magical and imaginative version of adventures where the Ice Horses brought the young girls for adventures in a different century like time machine. Why modern? It was because the story was set in the new modern era where i-pod and hand phone were being mentioned in this story.

Besides the combination of modern, magical and imaginative adventures, the story also taught us about the good value such as friendship, forgiving, helpful, understand and accepting others’ weakness. Mummy loved the way how conflicts were being resolved in the story using a different way making the girls’ change their understanding and perspective without having to nag to them.

The whole story was well written and detailed in describing each of the characters and scenes, making the story so alive.
Ariel’s Journey is the First Book written by Doug Kane and Christy Wood regarding Ice Horse Adventures. Mummy is looking forward on the launch of the second book. Mummy would keep this book hoping Ariel would enjoy this book when she is older as Mummy was with this book.