Sunday, October 19, 2014

EL – Clearing the Frozen EBM

Yesterday 18Oct2014, I was clearing the freezer slowly and found 3 expired EBM. Our freezer is slowly clearing and somehow I was sad because it seemed that my breastfeeding journey with EL would be ending soon.  I had already stopped pumping for few months and still direct feed her at night.  She also was taking the fresh milk and oat milk well without any fuss.
It would be hard for both of us when I plan to wean her off by end of this year. It was an amazing journey with EL having to go through painful initial experience.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

EL in playschool

Being the youngest, EL is rather spoilt. She is very tough and determine like girl. She would climb up the chair and then table just to see what her KorKor and JieJie are doing. However, she is still not able to go to Church Toddler by herself yet. We decided to send her to a playschool to keep her occupy.
Her first few weeks at playschool were tough screaming and crying when PohPoh was out of sight. Later she would make the teacher to carry her throughout the class while she does her screaming drama.  A few times when I sent her, upon turning to the road of her playschool, tears started to roll down from her eyes. Eventually, she found it was fun going to playschool. Now it was a brisk sending her to playschool. She would wave bye bye and follow the teacher into the playschool.
She would only be 2 in Dec2014 however she seems to grow up faster than her age

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Mini Music Studio

Our friend created a mini music studio by converting the high ceiling of the upstairs hallway into a nice loft. It is a mini yet cozy place with drum, guitar, keyboard etc…  Most of the items in the studio are available at . If we have the space, this would be one of the rooms I would love to have where we can spend as a family worshipping and our family time. It would be a time well spent as a family exploring the different songs using different music instruments

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Girls’ Room

We decided to move EL to zzz with AL few months ago. Similar way as the older two, we place the baby cot mattress on the floor and EL was able to zzz without falling from the bed. However, I would still need to go to the bed with her every night. She would turn everywhere before she eventually zzzz… When she awake, instead of crying, she would slowly walk to our room and pat my hand. She would zzz in between us and conquering most of the bed pushing both of us to corner of the bed. It would be something we would treasure as EL is growing soo fast

Monday, September 01, 2014

Having pets

Staying in a small apartment means it is hard to get a pet. There will not be enough space for the pet to move around. However, the kids do enjoy watching some pet in the pet shop. There are so many pet shop in the shopping mall and also online such as EntirelyPets. A lot of pet owners are now willing to spend extra for their pets from food, toys, grooming and medical. Pet’s services have been expanded and commercialized a lot nowadays as entrepreneur is seeing a lot of opportunities.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shopping pants with budget

I love to wear pants to work because it is convenient plus I don’t have to worry about hunting for panty hose if I wear dress or skirt.
The pants I am still wearing are more than 5 years and some is already too small for me, yeah especially after 3rd pregnancy…
Last Friday, after our movie, we went and hunt for my pants. Well, I was very ‘kiamsiap’ when coming to shopping. From Uniglo, H&M and Padini, I ended up in Jusco Agenda. DH was my super honest fashion critics… I almost wanted to buy all Agenda pants which were RM 39.90 but DH asked to mix with some a bit more expensive… I ended up with 4 pair of pants at RM 217. Unfortunately, the person in-charge for pants alteration already went home so we ended up going again the next day to get the pants altered plus DH need to buy a bag for his work.
The end of my short story….

Monday, June 09, 2014

No more pumping for EL

It has been more than one week that both my breast pumps are slowly collecting dust.  I started by cutting the early morning pump, followed by the late evening pumping and last but not least, the noon pump has been slowly delay hour by hour till late evening. It is an emotional journey but the decision to stop was due to EL who hardly consumes any EBM during daytime. The maximum consumption is only 5oz.
Today, I will pack all the pumps and storage bottles/bags to be kept in a high cabinet until the day I am able to have the heart to depart with all these…
I am still direct feed her at night and in between she is taking fresh milk and also oat milk….
 It was indeed a journey of ups and downs…but I will still treasure the night feed for time being until she is completely wean off 100%...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Being Hated & feeling Useless….

No matter how much I tried, it is always wrong. What went wrong? I am not sure and all I know I am being hated and feeling useless…  Nobody listen and I think I come to a stage to give up but I can’t coz God is my strength and my love.  I am too tired physically and mentally, feeling down and unappreciated. Maybe I should stop, silent and do nothing… sob sob… L

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Selling our Walker

After selling our Safety Gate, the next item was the Walker.It was still in tip top condition with all part working well. We love the walker coz the seat can be rotate 360 degree and there were 4 lockers to lock the walker from moving. We used to tie lots of toys for JL who would entertain himself while we were busy with our housework. It was a sturdy one. It took me long time to have the courage to take photos to advertise in the Preloved FB.

At last on Wednesday 14May2014 late evening, I put up the photos and within minutes I had 5-6 people in queue for it. Yes, selling it cheap again RM50. The first person immediately closed the deal upon seeing that some wanted to collect immediately. Deal closed in less than 30 minutes… The walker went to a 5.5 months old boy bought by Celine who came and collected that night at 8pm.

I didn’t expect to be fast but was good to have it sold fast so that I didn’t have to wait…

Again my heart was tearing up again seeing DH wiping the walker, dismantling the walker and pack into the original box… All still in good condition…. Sob Sob… L

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Selling our Safety First Gate

On 16Apr2014, I saw a lady named Maya in Preloved FB looking for Safety Gate.With heavy heart, I asked her if she wanted to buy over mine for RM50. A lot people would be wondering why so cheap… DH and myself didn’t aim to earn any cash. It was still in good condition, just sell it cheaply to someone who needs it rather than taking up space in our mini apartment.  I didn’t expect to have other mothers asking for the safety gate too if the deal with Maya didn’t go through. Hmmm… maybe it is the brand the price…
My heart was tearing up when I saw DH wiping the gate, unscrewing the parts, packing into the original boxes with manual. All still as if we just bought the gate last time.
On 20April2014, we departed with our safety gate in Empire Mall to Maya. It was the gate that brings us sooo much memories.
- I remembered how our boy will hang on the gate and shaking the gate smiling to ask us to open the gate.
- I remembered while cutting the vegetables, our little boy tried to squeeze himself under the gate to get into the kitchen.
- I remembered how our boy managed to climb over like commander and surprised me in the wet kitchen.
Bye bye…..
Note: my first transaction as seller via FB….

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cutting down on pumping session – EL’s

Has been busy and my blog has been abandoned…. Going through the old post I miss those days when I made time to update about the elder two kids…feeling that I am neglecting the youngest…
This week, I started to cut my morning pumping and once in a while evening session. EL is already 17+months old and this week I let her taste Oatmilk. It was a slow and at least she didn’t reject.  She cut down her direct latch at night by munching other food as replacement. It was a sad moment knowing my baby has grown up and the breastfeeding journey would end soon. I will need to slowly adjust this feeling…
Coincidently my storage bags were finishing too…I have been using bottles to store....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Milling Machines

Milling machines are like mini robots. It is small but versatile tool which can perform basic machinery operations such as cutting and drilling. It is one of the most frequently used in industry and even machine shops to get exact and accurate sizes and shapes. Each of the milling machines are specially designed depends on the requirement. By using these useful mini robots, work will be performed fast and precise. Newly set-up small scale business will look for milling machine for sale in order to keep their starting capital low.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blogging Experience in memories….

Looking back in my old posts…how much effort I put into writing my post with photos. I realized that I am getting bad in updating my posts. There is hardly much update on EL, my precious no#3. This doesn’t mean we love her less but I just cannot find much time. My this year resolution is to try to write more to keep as memory even though I am unable to insert photos but it is better than nothing. I still admire those who continue to update the blog with beautiful write up with photos. Kudos to all those wonderful mummies… I enjoy reading your blog a lot…keep it up…

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Challenges for the Kids to read Bible

This year the church gave a challenge to the kids to read a book in the Bible and write out a journal. At the end of the quarter, the kid would be required to submit their journal and a reward would be given. Besides that, each kid was also given a small folder to keep cards. Each week, the kid would be given a memory verse to read and memorize. On the following week, kid would be rewarded with points. All these points could be collected and used in the kids’ mall to redeem some goodies…

It is encouraging this week to see JL was keeping himself busy reading at night before sleeping and morning before going to school. I hope he would keep it up and God would continue to talk and be real to him.

Learning through art & craft

Kids learn a lot from playing and observing. It helps to build their motor skill. Kids enjoy exploring all the different texture and develop new skills such as using the scissors, tearing and pasting. We are hunting for reasonable wooden craft supplies which are quite difficult to get back over here. Since the supply is low, thus the price is expensive.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Assumption Vs Truth

Making assumption and others believe in it is so common nowadays. People will jump into conclusion finding scapegoat without knowing what the root cause is.  Yes, this is one of the most important skills which I had learnt from my past experience. I may not be the Head or any high position in the company but I have enough experience to see things in many perspectives. I am so glad that God has blessed me from one job to another. Initially I didn’t understand why I am expanding my experience and knowledge horizontal instead of climbing up.

I learn to:

1. To speak only what is the truth and not assumption/speculation – to avoid unnecessary huh hah
2.  To always get to the root cause before jumping into conclusion
3. To sit into the other party shoe to know why this is happening – e.g. is the person aware of this issue? If nope why and if yes why is the problem persist?
4. To learn from the other party because they are the expert and to find way to improve the situation rather than finding fault – the ultimate ending is to have the process corrected and improved.

I will share in detail how each of my working experience give me a fresh experience and when I look back I have never regret even though a lot of my friends are already holding high position earning big bucks…

It is sad when wrong assumption is being speculated and it spread like disease causing the victim to suffer unnecessary. Typical human being loves to find and spread people’s negative. Just a question to think…how to I feel if I am being victimized for the things I didn’t do and I am not responsible plus nobody will listen to your explanation?


Currently we are facing dry and smoky weather which caused the dam to slowly drying up. The state government has implement water rationing. Before this, a lot of houses use to face low water pressure which forces the houses to install submersible pump. For those houses without pump, will face even lower water pressure when some houses around the same housing area have water pump installed. I hope this dry period will end fast as the government expected it to be till end of March. Everyone is praying for the rain to come to clear the smoky air and also stop the water rationing.