Thursday, February 27, 2014

Milling Machines

Milling machines are like mini robots. It is small but versatile tool which can perform basic machinery operations such as cutting and drilling. It is one of the most frequently used in industry and even machine shops to get exact and accurate sizes and shapes. Each of the milling machines are specially designed depends on the requirement. By using these useful mini robots, work will be performed fast and precise. Newly set-up small scale business will look for milling machine for sale in order to keep their starting capital low.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blogging Experience in memories….

Looking back in my old posts…how much effort I put into writing my post with photos. I realized that I am getting bad in updating my posts. There is hardly much update on EL, my precious no#3. This doesn’t mean we love her less but I just cannot find much time. My this year resolution is to try to write more to keep as memory even though I am unable to insert photos but it is better than nothing. I still admire those who continue to update the blog with beautiful write up with photos. Kudos to all those wonderful mummies… I enjoy reading your blog a lot…keep it up…

Type of microphones

Different microphones are created for different purpose. Some microphone for individual singing and some is for group singing such as choir. There is a shotgun mic which is long to capture long distance noise. This is commonly use by reporters who need to capture long distance in a large crowd either formal announcement or a concert. There is even a specific microphone created just to capture musical instruments to be projected out louder. I am so amaze with the new technology in microphone making industry.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Challenges for the Kids to read Bible

This year the church gave a challenge to the kids to read a book in the Bible and write out a journal. At the end of the quarter, the kid would be required to submit their journal and a reward would be given. Besides that, each kid was also given a small folder to keep cards. Each week, the kid would be given a memory verse to read and memorize. On the following week, kid would be rewarded with points. All these points could be collected and used in the kids’ mall to redeem some goodies…

It is encouraging this week to see JL was keeping himself busy reading at night before sleeping and morning before going to school. I hope he would keep it up and God would continue to talk and be real to him.

Learning through art & craft

Kids learn a lot from playing and observing. It helps to build their motor skill. Kids enjoy exploring all the different texture and develop new skills such as using the scissors, tearing and pasting. We are hunting for reasonable wooden craft supplies which are quite difficult to get back over here. Since the supply is low, thus the price is expensive.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Assumption Vs Truth

Making assumption and others believe in it is so common nowadays. People will jump into conclusion finding scapegoat without knowing what the root cause is.  Yes, this is one of the most important skills which I had learnt from my past experience. I may not be the Head or any high position in the company but I have enough experience to see things in many perspectives. I am so glad that God has blessed me from one job to another. Initially I didn’t understand why I am expanding my experience and knowledge horizontal instead of climbing up.

I learn to:

1. To speak only what is the truth and not assumption/speculation – to avoid unnecessary huh hah
2.  To always get to the root cause before jumping into conclusion
3. To sit into the other party shoe to know why this is happening – e.g. is the person aware of this issue? If nope why and if yes why is the problem persist?
4. To learn from the other party because they are the expert and to find way to improve the situation rather than finding fault – the ultimate ending is to have the process corrected and improved.

I will share in detail how each of my working experience give me a fresh experience and when I look back I have never regret even though a lot of my friends are already holding high position earning big bucks…

It is sad when wrong assumption is being speculated and it spread like disease causing the victim to suffer unnecessary. Typical human being loves to find and spread people’s negative. Just a question to think…how to I feel if I am being victimized for the things I didn’t do and I am not responsible plus nobody will listen to your explanation?


Currently we are facing dry and smoky weather which caused the dam to slowly drying up. The state government has implement water rationing. Before this, a lot of houses use to face low water pressure which forces the houses to install submersible pump. For those houses without pump, will face even lower water pressure when some houses around the same housing area have water pump installed. I hope this dry period will end fast as the government expected it to be till end of March. Everyone is praying for the rain to come to clear the smoky air and also stop the water rationing.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

EL is still an ‘owl’

EL being our youngest is getting a lot of attention from PaPa, Mummy, KorKor and JieJie… She brings so much joy to all of us. She is a very curious girl and explorer. Yes, she is more daring than her JieJie in trying out new things. The only thing which she is very unique is she sleeps very late. Many times, I will end up sleeping on the floor rug and with her who will zzz after tired of playing. EL…EL…when will you zzz early?

Table cloths

We used to put table cloths on our dining table. However after having JL, we decided to remove the table cloth because it was not safe. JL was trying to pull the table cloth down in order to get the things on the table.  At the end we gave away all our table cloths from the plain ones to the poly check table linens

What should I wear for my sister’s wedding?

Ok…all the kids settle…now mummy in dilemma. I need a dress to wear which I can bf EL. I am looking for a cotton type since the church is not aircond… On top of that, I am also on limited budget. 

I managed to get dress below RM 100 however; the waist was a bit big hmmmm… I am waiting for my sis to give me ideas and she has been busy running around for her wedding. ..

Hope I can get this settle soooooon….. not easy want cheap but nice…

Friday, February 21, 2014

JL and his wish for drum lesson…

Our son has a thing for drums. We were thinking of letting him try out some classes and been enquiring around music schools for him. We told him to bring his grades up and we will enrol him for classes. Each of the music schools told us he needs to practice at home if he ever wants to progress in class. We have look at a few brands and types of drum, Pintech Drums was one of it. Looking at it, that we stay in an apartment, we have space constraint so it would be an electric drum pad set if we would get one.

Hunting for JL’s Suit

After hunting for the girls, it was JL’s turn to get the suit. It was hard to get a reasonable one because suit prices would increase by the size of the suit. We went hunting a lot of shops and it would be either too expensive or wrong color or wrong size. At the end we settle with Domii from the Curve and JL would be wearing his own white shirt. We would need to hunt for a white tie. We also got JL black shoe from Isetan Midvalley which was on sale from RM 99.90 to RM 49.90.

Yes we are almost done for the kids clothes … the wedding is getting closer and closer…

YouTube on TV

The family has been enjoying watching YouTube on TV. The current craze is from the movie Frozen. I have been searching a famous worship leader from USA’s links on YouTube and was watching some modern worship seminar. One part of the seminar was from the sound technician about how to sing to the microphones, techniques and the difference of condenser and dynamic microphones. How singers won’t go out to buy a crown microphones at musicians friend and test the different types and model to see which microphone suits them best. While on the other hand a musician, let just say a guitarist, will try nearly all the guitar on the wall to see which one sound, fit, feel and touch right to him.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hunting for Flower Girls Dresses

It was a big mission hunting flower girls dresses for AL and EL. The criteria were:
  •  White
  • Above knee length
  • Below RM100 each

However the big challenge was to get the size for toddler and baby with same design. After hunting in shops, we decided to get Aunty Jess sos to help us to sew and yes she was ok with the budget excluding the postage.

We were all looking forward to see the dresses for the girls. AL had her white click clack shoes to wear and we got EL a pair of white shoe which happen to be on sale 50%. Next was to get the long socks and also hmmm what should we do with their hair… think think think….

Shape of the guitar

Saw a movie the other day with the kids on some rock band. The band had an electric guitar that looked just like out of a cartoon I seen when I was young. It was a triangular body shape just like jackson electric guitars. I told my kids about the odd shape guitar and how it attracts audience’s attention to the guitarist. We will need to bring the kids to a guitar shop some day to show them the real thing.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding around the corner

At last my 2nd sister is getting married next month. After years of searching and she found one. Everyone is happy to know she is settling down. She is planning a very simple wedding by having church wedding and follow by lunch. With the current high inflation, I agree with her idea. It is better to save the money for a nice trip.

Using the same advice given by our dad,

“Keep the wedding within your budget and start your marriage with zero debt. A big expensive wedding will not guarantee a long lasting marriage.”

Another guitar?

I am currently looking for another electric acoustic guitar to play. I have been searching around and trying to save on used guitars since getting a brand new one will be pricey. We are a little tight on the budget this year. May be I will be able to find it online or I might try asking around. Well, got wait and see.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


There has been quite a high turnover in my department since last year from transferring to another department either lateral or promotion to resignation. It is hard to explain why but most of us know the reason. Why am I still here? I did receive a few offers but I turned down due to several reasons. I will continue believing in God because my entire previous job including this current one is all by His grace and favor. As much as I love my job and company, I will obey God if He wants me to move. For time being, I will still be around and no resignation J

He loves guitar

The other weekend, while on duty, I had a small conversation with the guitarist from my church band about different types of guitars and the other guitarist in church. From that conversation, I came to find out that one of the guitarists previously owned a guitar shop and has sold of his share of the shop to do something else. That explains, gibson les paul studio 60s tribute, with all the right pads to go with it. He’s got the right stuffs I will say.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Working for home…

My current department which I am working has the option of working from home. I hardly work from home because being inexperience auditor, I wanted to be in office to be able to make phone calls if need help to understanding the processes. Besides that, my home to office is very near.

As for this year, I opt to utilize more this privilege. Working from home means I don’t have to rush to get myself ready. I will just need to get the kids ready and send them off to their respective place. Then, I am back at home with my shorts and t-shirt working on the dining table. There is no air-cond like office but I am fine with it. Since I am still pumping for EL, being at home is easier without having to carry the ice pack and cooler bag.

I hope I will be able to work from home often thus saving all the rushing time and be more productive…

2013 Christmas in church

Last year end performance, we did a number on the theme Hope. It had a lot of special effect going on stage, lightings, laser beams, glitters and ice fogger. The fog on stage makes me want to buy nimbus jr at guitar center to put in my house. The event went well and with all the special effect. It was a blast and a time to remember.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

CNY 2014

It was a quiet and simple CNY with the usual routine of visiting relatives around Klang Valley. My grandmother was in Klang Valley too so we didn’t drive up north this year. On addition to that, I was not able to get flight tickets; yes too last minute decision to actually fly up and rent a car would be worth the time than driving up since it would be a short trip. We would do a better plan for next year CNY.

Surprisingly, the hot and dry weather came much later of the CNY.

This year, we made a visit to any old friend (ex-GSK) Patricia Heng whom I met many many years in training and it was sooo nice to see her…

On top of that, yes the ex-poly DKB batch 2 CNY meeting at Coliseum and than Gene Ni resort condo… Even though not everyone could make it but we have a fun time yapping all the way….

The CNY ended on 15th day which coincidently falls on the same date as Valentine Day 14Feb2014…Double Valentine.

PaPa’s hand built shelf

We have a hand built shelf to put our storage boxes. Built out of L-shape metal brackets, we would use gripper bolts to ensure it does not move and grips the plywood that sits as a base for the shelves. If the page or grippers is out the plywood might move and let through some of the things we keep on top these shelves. We have been using it for more than a decade now and it is doing its job very well.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

JL in Tahap 2

This year JL moved to Tahap 2 in his primary school. He is considered senior in the primary school. Study had been more challenging and at time I feel helpless wishing I have more time to spend with him and help me as much as I can. I manage to allocated Wed night as a time I spend with him and AL before they go to sleep. EL will either self entertain herself or will spend time with her PaPa… 

Being Sexy

I never own a sexy clothing and lingerie thinking that all those will be expensive. However, I never fail to admire from afar all those displayed ones. My friends introduce me to a few affordable sexy clothing and lingerie websites and also shops. Upon browsing some of the site, I am so tempted to get my very first one to try it out.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tiring…but too precious

Having 3 kids juggling with work and housework is tiring but kids are growing too fast and it is very precious. I am grateful that DH and I work as a team in managing the kids and also housework. We prefer to do everything by ourselves and ensure that the kids are with us all the time. We try to do everything we can for them because before long they will big boy and girls.

Breastfeeding EL is taking some time but I keep reminding myself that just few more months and hang on.  There are many things I want to do with the kids and still unable to execute all. Hopefully 2014 I will be able to achieve more. My 2014 resolution….!!!


Some musicians who love music will do own self recording. There are many recording studio which offer self recording service for musicians. I have a colleague who can sing well and he will usually perform in company events. He records his own music due to his passion for music. I heard there is a great recording king banjos at guitar center down in city centre. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 wishes by a mum - a chat with the Genie

Found out that I was tagged my Lucas’s Mummy. So I simplified the version (har har as usual lazy mummy)

5 wishes for my dear little JL – Mummy Darling boy

JL will be good (everything), happy & obedient boy

JL will be healthy always

JL will be wise in everything that he says, he does, he thinks etc.. (wise to learn only the good things he sees and he listens)

JL will still remember PaPa & Mummy always as our Darling Boy

JL will find a great companion (wife) who also can get along with PaPa and Mummy

EL on 12-12-13

Yes this is way overdue post. Our baby EL turned 1 on 12-12-13. We had a simple brunch on 14-12-13 at KFC near home – just open in Tesco. Initially we wanted to have it at Jalan Universiti where we had both JL and AL first birthday. However due to logistic and time plus since the KFC near home was new, we decided to have it there.

We ordered Jelly Cake no#1 for her birthday and bought her a pink dress from H & M.

The week before, we had a BBQ to celebrate her early birthday with Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong in Adelaide. Sam Yee baked a nice chocolate cake and it was decorated by JL and AL with Sam Yee Cheong’s help.

Being the youngest, she is a baby to everyone. We love you a lot….even though I may not be updating regularly about EL…she has been the apple in our eyes bringing joy to the home…

By next year she will be in nursery even though she will only be 2+…

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PaPa’s strap…

PaPa’s guitar is too precious to him that he invested on a few basic items for the guitar. One of it was the guitar strap but it is not a martin guitar strap. He would usually make a research and would get an average item which was neither too expensive nor cheap. So far his guitar strap had been serving him well and still intact.

Potluck –12Jan2014

My grandmother from AOR was down in Central. We decided to have a potluck session at my uncle’s house. PaPa couldn’t make it because he was out for church retreat. I went there with my 3 kids. Since it was hard to cook plus I am not a good cook, I decided to book a jelly cake with PaPa’s help in choosing the design.

It was a whole table of feast and I was glad that all the 3 kids behaved themselves well without major tantrums. We had to leave a bit early as JL was having his basketball lesson.

We hope to visit my grandmother before she leave back to AOR...