Saturday, April 04, 2015

JL & AL baked bread using breadmaker

Let's hope no disaster in kitchen ... Both JL n AL are given the list of ingredients to bake butterscotch cranberries Hokkaido bread..

First they need to weigh each of the ingredients in a separate bowl. Next to place each ingredient by sequence in breadmaker - wet to dry. Last before we on the breadmaker mummy will put the yeast explaining that yeast to be placed on dry ingredients n away fr salt...

The result....

Saturday, March 28, 2015


This weekend everywhere will be jam n crowded..all rushing due to GST...
I am happy that I bought what my family need yesterday and this early morning to keep us at home family time this weekend. We cannot runaway fr GST so just need to face it sooner or later. Didn't really stock up things because no space in apt...just bought what is needed.... 

Happy weekend everyone....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

AL - Organizing her School bag....

AL is in Std1 trying to think of a way to organize her school bag... She was observing her classmates and came back one day requesting us to get several plastic folders. She divided her textbooks, workbooks n exercise books by subjects to each folders. We bought two type of folders. One type which was thicker to hold more books and another type for subjects with lesser books. She was happy because it was faster for her to pack her school bags without missing the books plus faster for her to access her books by subject during school 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

JL's 11th Birthday

Today is our precious eldest and only boy's 11th birthday... It was an amazing up n down journey for both papa n mummy... As we guide you as much as we have taught us a lot too.... At times you can drive us nuts but you will always give in to your two demanding sisters....

We hope and pray that God will continue to bless you joy, good health, wisdom, good heart.... 
We love you a lot.. 
Blessed 11th Birthday....
Love, Papa, Mummy, AL n EL...

Bye Bye PEM 7678

This morning..officially our old faithful car which we traded-in few months back has found a new owner in Kedah. I was in JPJ to sign off the form to the new owner. Bye bye to Iswara Aeroback 1.3 Manual White 2000 has served us well from 2000 till 2014 covering almost the whole peninsular Malaysia...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog web

It has been a long time since I last blog. Having 3 kids to juggle was a big challenge being a full time working mother. I am glad to have DH who is a hands-on person assisting at home.

I hope I will start blogging more from now onward….to keep some of the memories shared with my DH and kids…

Sunday, March 08, 2015

08Mar2015 -- Kids cooking for lunch

Super busy Sunday...asking the kids to clean up things can be an extremely tough for them to do but they have been asking if they can cook lunch. I just cut some carrots and prepared the chicken for steaming... Next moment, JL n AL were busy cutting celery and cooking in kitchen... The result stir fry celery+carrot, omelette n steamed chicken on the table for lunch....with more than 90% done by them. 

Friday, March 06, 2015

Me growing up in small town@kampung

I enjoyed growing up in small town@kampung and learning all the different cultures in my multiracial housing area+school. 

My city kids don't have the chance to experience that we decided to get comics by Lat hopefully my boy will learn the colourful culture in Malaysia....

As I am reading again these books which I read before when I was young, it brings back the good old memories of my simple childhood-friends whom I met....n still keep in touch till now...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

EL – Clearing the Frozen EBM

Yesterday 18Oct2014, I was clearing the freezer slowly and found 3 expired EBM. Our freezer is slowly clearing and somehow I was sad because it seemed that my breastfeeding journey with EL would be ending soon.  I had already stopped pumping for few months and still direct feed her at night.  She also was taking the fresh milk and oat milk well without any fuss.
It would be hard for both of us when I plan to wean her off by end of this year. It was an amazing journey with EL having to go through painful initial experience.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

EL in playschool

Being the youngest, EL is rather spoilt. She is very tough and determine like girl. She would climb up the chair and then table just to see what her KorKor and JieJie are doing. However, she is still not able to go to Church Toddler by herself yet. We decided to send her to a playschool to keep her occupy.
Her first few weeks at playschool were tough screaming and crying when PohPoh was out of sight. Later she would make the teacher to carry her throughout the class while she does her screaming drama.  A few times when I sent her, upon turning to the road of her playschool, tears started to roll down from her eyes. Eventually, she found it was fun going to playschool. Now it was a brisk sending her to playschool. She would wave bye bye and follow the teacher into the playschool.
She would only be 2 in Dec2014 however she seems to grow up faster than her age

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Mini Music Studio

Our friend created a mini music studio by converting the high ceiling of the upstairs hallway into a nice loft. It is a mini yet cozy place with drum, guitar, keyboard etc…  Most of the items in the studio are available at . If we have the space, this would be one of the rooms I would love to have where we can spend as a family worshipping and our family time. It would be a time well spent as a family exploring the different songs using different music instruments

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Girls’ Room

We decided to move EL to zzz with AL few months ago. Similar way as the older two, we place the baby cot mattress on the floor and EL was able to zzz without falling from the bed. However, I would still need to go to the bed with her every night. She would turn everywhere before she eventually zzzz… When she awake, instead of crying, she would slowly walk to our room and pat my hand. She would zzz in between us and conquering most of the bed pushing both of us to corner of the bed. It would be something we would treasure as EL is growing soo fast

Monday, September 01, 2014

Having pets

Staying in a small apartment means it is hard to get a pet. There will not be enough space for the pet to move around. However, the kids do enjoy watching some pet in the pet shop. There are so many pet shop in the shopping mall and also online such as EntirelyPets. A lot of pet owners are now willing to spend extra for their pets from food, toys, grooming and medical. Pet’s services have been expanded and commercialized a lot nowadays as entrepreneur is seeing a lot of opportunities.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shopping pants with budget

I love to wear pants to work because it is convenient plus I don’t have to worry about hunting for panty hose if I wear dress or skirt.
The pants I am still wearing are more than 5 years and some is already too small for me, yeah especially after 3rd pregnancy…
Last Friday, after our movie, we went and hunt for my pants. Well, I was very ‘kiamsiap’ when coming to shopping. From Uniglo, H&M and Padini, I ended up in Jusco Agenda. DH was my super honest fashion critics… I almost wanted to buy all Agenda pants which were RM 39.90 but DH asked to mix with some a bit more expensive… I ended up with 4 pair of pants at RM 217. Unfortunately, the person in-charge for pants alteration already went home so we ended up going again the next day to get the pants altered plus DH need to buy a bag for his work.
The end of my short story….

Monday, June 09, 2014

No more pumping for EL

It has been more than one week that both my breast pumps are slowly collecting dust.  I started by cutting the early morning pump, followed by the late evening pumping and last but not least, the noon pump has been slowly delay hour by hour till late evening. It is an emotional journey but the decision to stop was due to EL who hardly consumes any EBM during daytime. The maximum consumption is only 5oz.
Today, I will pack all the pumps and storage bottles/bags to be kept in a high cabinet until the day I am able to have the heart to depart with all these…
I am still direct feed her at night and in between she is taking fresh milk and also oat milk….
 It was indeed a journey of ups and downs…but I will still treasure the night feed for time being until she is completely wean off 100%...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Being Hated & feeling Useless….

No matter how much I tried, it is always wrong. What went wrong? I am not sure and all I know I am being hated and feeling useless…  Nobody listen and I think I come to a stage to give up but I can’t coz God is my strength and my love.  I am too tired physically and mentally, feeling down and unappreciated. Maybe I should stop, silent and do nothing… sob sob… L