Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fats Fats Fats

Ariel would be 4 months old in a few days. Everyone who saw me would say that Mummy already lost weight. The problem Mummy was facing was not the weight but all the flabby tummy, thighs and buttock. Mummy still had problem fitting into Mummy’s working clothes. Getting dress up for office daily could be hard as only a few clothes which Mummy could fit in. Mummy also could only wear 2- piece clothes instead of 1 piece like dress because of pumping sessions in office. Maybe Mummy might need to consider using ephedra-free fat burner to burn the fats fast.


Sabrina said...

Hehe..I was facing the same problem too. Had to buy a few new clothes to wear to office. After 6 mths, I still got about 1.5kg to shed.

Wonderful Life said...

Me too!! I still could'nt wear back my pre preggy clothes! *sigh*

Janelle said...

i've given up on my old clothes. Giving them away now :(