Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let’s deliver smiles

This is not a sponsored post. Mummy was informed by Karen about this charity work. Since Mummy loved to do charity but hardly got time with family commitment, at least Mummy could help to spread this message across... For those who interested, you can write about this in your blog too...

The festive season is when we gather with family and friends, taking time off from our hectic schedule to be with the important people in our life. For those who are orphaned, old and poor, this can be a time that they feel lonely and left out, and therefore charitable activities during the festive seasons can reduce the sadness of being alone when others.

Along with my few other friends, we have came up with a mini charity project to deliver some joy and love message to the less fortunate group in this society. Our project consists of 2 phases:

Phase one - Orphanage
While we are busy shopping for Christmas presents or buying new clothes and new toys for our children, there are many less fortunate children out there who are homeless, lonely and they deserve to have a joyful festive season too.

Our plan is to collect donations in the form of toys, books, clothing and basically anything you think are suitable as a present to these children and we will sort them out before wrapping it up into nice little presents. We will then allocate the presents according to the needs and the number of children in each home and we'll deliver it to them on the first 2 weekends of December 2008 (tentatively).

We are targeting at least 5 homes (or more, depending on the donated items we received) around Ampang and PJ area. Things are in progress now and once we have ironed out the delivery schedule, I will announce it again here.

Phase two – Old Folks Home
As Chinese New Year is not too far away from now (it falls on 26th Jan 2009 if you don't already know J), while we might already planned to have family gathering with our parents and siblings, visiting our grandparents back in hometown and all, there are many elderly who are so lonely out there who needs a lot of caring.

Our plan is to collect donations in the form of any necessity items from food to toiletries, clothing to diapers, you name it. Again we will sort things out and deliver it to the elderly 2 weeks before the Chinese New Year. We will of course bring along mandarin oranges as well by then.

Care to help?
1. Pack stuffs that you do not need and still in good usable condition for the children or elderly and donate it. (please do not give it to us if otherwise, or it will take up our time to sort thing out in the end, thanks!)

2. If you are buying new stuffs to donate, please get the canned food, dry grocery items or toiletries, which would make sense to the children.

3. Sponsor us some wrapping papers for the presents.

4. Spread the words around to your family and relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or better still, help us to collect the stuff and deliver to us/we'll come to pick up from you at one go.

5. Link this to your blog, or copy the link and email out to your contacts.

The 1st round of collection starts from now, and the last collection date would be on Sunday, 30th November (coz we need time to sort things out and wrap them nicely)

Where to drop the stuff?
You may drop it at our office CP Tower (in front of Eastin Hotel) if you are working or staying nearby, or contact me to arrange for pick-up (subject to the location).

My contact details:
Tel: 012-9338353 (Karen)

Together WE can make a difference.
**Please note that this charity project is solely on individual basis and is not associated or sponsored by any organization, so we are counting on YOU.**



karenyiau said...

Thanks Chanel for your help, yes I believe everybody can contribute something, not nessarily monetary but could be time, effort and etc.

Thanks again! :)