Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bye Bye our old Sofa

We replaced our old sofa end of last year after many months of hunting looking for a simple and compact sofa. We wanted to replace our fabric L-shape sofa to a leather sofa. Initially we wanted an L-shape leather sofa but decided to just settle with a simple 3-seater Leather sofa because an L-shape leather sofa would take a lot of space in our small hall.

We managed to get one for about 50%. While doing our hunt, we saw a lot of new and compact modern furniture now in the market especially to serve those who stayed in small apartments like us. We gave away our 4+ years old sofa to JL’s kindy cook. The fabric was still in good condition but the spring was slowly giving away thus it was uncomfortable to sit on especially for long duration.

Bye bye to our old Sofa...