Saturday, July 17, 2010

Preparation for AL’s big day

AL would be TWO soon. We were preparing something simple for her. Mummy was already started to survey on cakes or jelly cakes prices. We planned to get two for her where one would be for church and the other one would be for small family gathering. We usually had a small cutting cake and opening present with grandparents with PaPa and Mummy’s siblings. It was our usual small gathering. Mummy also was checking on how to make budget party bag to distribute to AL’s friends in the church.

Mummy was going through the receipts pilling up in Mummy’s wallet. Mummy realized that nowadays the receipts were printed on glossy paper using laser printer which would fade away unlike those receipts printed using dot matrix epson receipt printer on a normal paper which would not fade away easily. So, any important receipts which Mummy needed to keep, Mummy would either scan or make a copy before those receipts started to fade away which ended up a piece of blank paper.

Back to original story, do check out soon how we celebrated AL’s 2nd birthday…


sting said...

oh wow! time really flies hoh? happy birthday in advance Ariel :-)