Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First time in Bali…for work…

Yes, Mummy went to Bali for business trip. Mummy stayed in a nice hotel booked by our local colleague there at a corporate rate. The hotel room was simple with mixture of contemporary furniture with some Balinese touch. Some people asked why PaPa and the kids did not follow. However, it was a good thing that they didn’t follow because Mummy didn’t even have the chance to view the beautiful sunset there. This would explain how tight our time. Some even asked, why didn’t extend the stay. Mummy would love to but then how to extend when we got to meet the Area Manager who would be in Malaysia for a Regional Meeting to report to him the finding from Bali branch the following day.

People in Bali was shocked to find out that Mummy’s team lead and Mummy were on business trip and not holiday to Bali. Come on…Bali was well known to be tourist spot and we were there to work? Sounded funny right?