Wednesday, October 06, 2010

JL in choir…Mission Week

One day when PaPa went to fetch JL from his children church service, he asked PaPa’s permission whether he could join the choir singing on Mission Week. We, as parents needed to commit to send him for 4 Thursday nights practices and also to all the 3 services during the Mission Week.

Since he was eager to participate and it was his request, PaPa agreed. For the whole month of September, every Thursday including Hari Malaysia we would send him to church for his practices while we would find place to sit around the church until it ended.

The day came that he would need to be in church 45 minutes before the service started. The 3 services were on Saturday 25th September 2010 for 5pm service and Sunday 26th September 2010 for 8:30am and 11am services.

It was tiring weekend but we were glad that JL enjoyed himself. It was his first time to stand and sing on the main stage.

Overall, all the kids did well and it really touched everyone hearts with the song till the pastor said he didn’t need to preach his sermon anymore because the kids already did the job so well in delivering the message via the song.


mumsgather said...

Lovely! :) The pastor's comment.