Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mummy away to validate Control Self- Assessment (CSA)

What is Control Self-Assessment or CSA in short? Control Self-Assessment is an approach whereby individuals self review the controls for which they are responsible and communicate the results to appropriate management. It was the company initiative to instill accountability and also ownership on what they have self- assessed. It was not only cost effective but also the respective staffs would be more aware in controls thus would further improve for both individual and company.

It was not a full audit but just a validation audit; it was a good experience for Mummy for a start. This would be the last group of auditors being sent out just solely doing validation because as for next this, it would be done together with Full Audit. The new approach would be more effective in term of time and cost.

This audit had already created wrinkle, thus Mummy hoped Mummy would be able to manage to full 2-week Audit if being given the opportunity next year without having to hunt for best home remedy for acne and wrinkles.