Monday, November 01, 2010

Speak words that BUILD others not DESTROY others…

This was what Mummy truly agreed with the last weekend teaching Mummy listened from the church.

Our tongue is a powerful weapon which can help to build, motivate and encourage others. On another hand it can also be a sword piercing through others heart causing damaging on a person’s self confident and also destroy a relationship.

It is hard to control our tongue but practice makes perfect. Mummy used to release everything out without thinking especially when losing temper until something wake Mummy up that words which have been release can never been taken back. Since then, Mummy has learnt that, no matter how hurting is the situation, just be patient and keep quiet than, find other way to release the frustrations. The best way is always to talk to God to seek peace.

Even though some of Mummy’s friends said why Mummy is so stupid letting people scold Mummy and yet Mummy just keeps quiet. It is no point to shout to an angry person because it is like pouring oil or petrol onto a fire causing the fire to grow bigger.

For example, when Mummy’s boss out of anger scolded Mummy, it was hurting, trust me. Mummy just kept extreme quiet and tears accumulating in the eyes with the only words coming out from Mummy’s mouth was ‘I am sorry’ even though it was not Mummy’s fault 100%. For one whole day, Mummy kept extreme quiet to avoid talking anything negative to Mummy’s boss or talking to others about what Mummy’s boss did. Only close colleagues within the same team knew about it and helped Mummy to keep quiet too. It was hard not to express Mummy’s heart out but at last Mummy’s boss knew what he did that he called. Even though he did not say sorry (being a man, it is hard for them to say sorry), Mummy did not want to flare Mummy’s anger to him because ‘What will I get if I shout and show my disappointment?’ Then answer was ‘Nothing’, so why waste Mummy’s time.

Maybe some of you disagree with Mummy but then Mummy learns, “Speak words that BUILD others not DESTROY others”. Another phrase that keeps reminding Mummy is “Don’t speak unless there are nice words to speak out”.

It is hard to practice in reality but Mummy is trying very hard… Last Saturday teaching has reminded Mummy because Mummy realize that as time pass with all the challenges in the world, Mummy tends to be moving away from the right path that Mummy needs to bring Mummy self back on track.

Mummy hopes everyone will have a good day starting from today…01 November 2010 on this great Monday.

Mummy also wishes to say sorry to all whom Mummy has directly or indirectly hurt your feelings.


LittleLamb said...

I used to be like this too..But i change myself. Also, our bosses or those in authority are placed before us for a reason. And we ought to SUBMIT. i learned this very hard way but i can see God blessing towards me and the company...

Ann said...

Good for you. I am also learning this at not nag at hubby or simply raise my voice at the kids.

At work we are in a small group so not much boss problem.

Press on!