Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is coming…

This was the most last minute preparation for this year Christmas where all the presents were not completed yet. We would have our regular dinner on 24th at Tai Pak’s house till midnight singing Christmas carols. As on 25th we would be at Sam Yee’s apartment and we would be sure JL would be having fun with Sam Yee Cheong’s wii with all the extra wii accessories playing with PaPa and Sam Yee Cheong. This year, we would be preparing PaPa’s specialty cabonara pasta and simple non-bake cheese cake. Besides that this Sunday night we would be going to a Life Group’s Christmas potluck dinner. It would be a busy busy month for us.

For the first time, Mummy didn’t take long leave like usual because Mummy already took one week off last week for the exam and also Mummy would be taking off on 1st week of January because JL would be in Standard 1 (afternoon school) while AL would be in nursery (morning kindy).

Mummy took photos of JL and AL setting up Christmas tree early this month but yet to download from the camera... Bad Mummy… AL was looking forward to open her presents that she kept telling us that was other people’s presents. We didn't tell her exactly which was her present because she wanted to open the presents immediately. 


Health Freak Mommy said...

Dropping by to wish you & your lovely family a very merry X'mas & a blessed year 2012 :)