Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary 20Dec2010

This holiday, Mummy didn’t have time to plan anything for the kids due to work and exam. It was sad and Mummy felt guilty. Last minute, Mummy managed to take leave on 20Dec2010 (Monday) while PaPa made that day free to bring the kids to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary after reading Agnes’s blog and Jazzmint’s blog about this place.

That morning, PaPa was having purging and Mummy wanted to postpone the trip but PaPa insisted that we should because both kids were looking forward to see elephants. KongKong followed us there too since PohPoh was out of town.

We started our journey about 8am. It was a gloomy and wet weather. After the last toll, we turned back to Karak for early lunch. We ate chicken rice. After lunch, we went to Elephant Sanctuary.

We were early. PaPa filled up the registration form and gave some cash donation. The receptionist gave us 3 Yellow Stickers and 2 Red Stickers because she was trying to spread the distribution of the Yellow Stickers. The Yellow Stickers included Elephant Ride and Elephant Bath, whereas the Red Stickers were for Visitors only. KongKong did not want to get wet so he took the Red Stickers with AL.

 We were walking around seeing the elephants. Then we went to a video documentary on ‘How the elephants were rescued?’

The activities started about 2pm with Elephants Show and follow-up with Elephants Feeding. JL was afraid to feed the elephants. Then we queued for our turn to ride on the elephant. PaPa, Mummy and JL sat on an elephant together. It was our first time sitting directly on the elephant skin.
Last but not least was the Elephant Bath. PaPa didn’t join this activity due to his back injury. Mummy accompanied JL by sitting on the elephant in the river. The elephant would than just drop itself. Mummy was holding JL’s armpit to raise him up when we feel into the water. The river water was so cold. JL tried to get close to the elephants but not close enough.

Since it was too cold, he decided to leave the river water. To avoid the jam in the shower room, we went there to get the kids a fast shower. It was a cold shower. Mummy bathed the kids and sent them out to PaPa for change. While Mummy took bath, PaPa changed them and sent the kids with KongKong to the main building because it was raining. PaPa waited for Mummy outside the shower room to go the main building. After that, PaPa drove the car to fetch us home. It was almost 4pm when we left the Elephant Sanctuary.

It was a simple experience for JL with elephants and river. As for AL, she was still too afraid to go close to the elephants.


Mummy to QiQi said...

hehe..u all so daring going into the water with the elephant ya...

A Mom's Diary said...

Ditto! I was feeling guilty too coz didn't plan anything for Yiu Yiu this holiday. Kuala Gandah did come to my mind but it never materialised.

slavemom said...

I read from Jazz's blog that the elephants poo in the river? U gals r so adventurous! :)