Friday, December 24, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

How many of us really take time to celebrate our wedding anniversary and remember our love that brought us together with our spouse? Is it a yearly or only on significant year such as 10th year etc…? Do you spouse shower you with expensive gifts or a simple gesture of love?

At time, it made Mummy think should every day be the days for us to remember our love and not just waiting for occasion such as wedding anniversary and valentine day to remind us. PaPa always tell Mummy that Mummy do not have to wait for special occasion to get something.

Mummy never demand any gifts because Mummy just wanted to be loved and cared all the time which cannot be measured by any gifts. Even as simple as tenth wedding anniversary gift red envelope sealed with PaPa’s love would be a greatest gift far more valuable than anything...

However, being a woman, it has been a dream to own a nice cozy home and a diamond. Mummy hopes one day PaPa and Mummy can go for a holiday just two of us when the kids are bigger... One Day…