Monday, January 03, 2011

31Dec2010 – JL’s Standard 1 Orientation

It was JL’s first day stepping to his Primary School wearing his new Primary uniform. It started at 8.30am gathering in the new hall. It was full of briefing all in Mandarin. Having PaPa who was total zero Mandarin and Mummy who only know a few simple words, it was a challenge trying to understand what it was all about especially during parents briefing. It was boring for us and how we wish we had a notebook to get connected to wireless (not sure if available) or plug to any nearest network cable to get connected.

As for the students briefing, it was a sigh of relief when JL said he understood most of it. Students were sent to their respective class while waiting for the parents briefing to end. After that, there were a whole bunch of forms to fill up. Upon filling up the forms and paying the fees, we fetch JL back home. One the first day, JL was sitting behind later we found that his class teacher was changing daily the sitting position and sometimes even 2x in a day. We showed JL the toilet and were surprised to see fans in the toilet.

Then we meet up with Aunty at the canteen who would be fetching JL to school and sending him home daily. She told JL to wait in the canteen (even specifically which table in the canteen) and she would fetch him and the rest of the kids including her sons from the canteen to the car.

JL’s comment on his 1st day was – Boring…