Monday, January 24, 2011

CNY everything must be new?

Is it a must to get everything new from top to toe including matching costume jewelry for Chinese New Year?

As for us, we get some clothes for the kids since last year during sales. As for PaPa and Mummy, we will be wearing our Christmas gift t-shirts matching with our current jeans or pants. We usually do not buy shoes and socks for the kids because they can still fit into their current shoes. We try to keep it simple and practical. Kids will always have a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes each. Whenever there is sales, we will usually buy bigger size shoe to keep when they outgrown from the current shoes. This also applies on clothes too.

Besides sales, the kids are also blessed with hand-down clothes from Mummy’s friends. Most of the clothes are still in good condition because kids grow up too fast even before the clothes can be worn out. Mummy also has quite a number of hand-down clothes.

This is not only to save money but also to save the environment by practicing recycling.


Mummy to QiQi said...

last time no matter how poor families are, they make sure their kids get new clothes during cny. I think it got to do with the tradition in the past esp when they are very poor and its not likely to buy clothes easily everyday, unlike now we get to shop 365 days as we can. same goes for drinking gas drink in our childhood time :)