Thursday, February 17, 2011

CNY 2011

It was a simple and quiet one. I was not feeling well and loss of appetite. We decided not to go back north because it would be a short trip and kids would be schooling on the Monday if we did travel on Friday. On 1st day of CNY, we did our Conference calls or actually using our hand phone speaker phone to talk to my grandmother who was sick. The kids took turn to wish their Ah Chor and PaPa too wished Ah Mah. We hoped she will get well soon. Maybe next year we would go up North.

On 31Jan2011, we had our pre-CNY just 4 of us in Sake Sushi 1-Utama where we had Yee Sang. Everyone was in Black Colour tops.

Chinese New Year eve was in Tai Pak house for dinner

1st Day CNY – Everyone wore Chinese clothes. We visited KongKong and PohPoh for a short while to wish then Happy CNY and went to Tai Pak’s house.

From there, we went to Ku Poh’s house for lunch. As for dinner, it was at Ah Tai’s house (MahMah’s Mummy). That night, everyone was in Green.

Here was a snapshot of the kids in Green on AL’s pink bed.

2nd Day CNY – One 2nd day, it was red stripes day for the family.

In the morning, we went to pack Yee Sang from Sakae Sushi for lunch. While waiting for the Yee Sang, to be ready, we went to McD and the kids wanted Apple Pie for breakfast

We had lunch at KongKong and PohPoh’s apartment. After lunch, we visited my Ku Kong (kids’ great granduncle) and his wife. From there, we went to 2Gu (kids’ granduncle) house. We spend whole evening there before we went to McD for our dinner.

After dinner, the kids played fireworks and sparkles at the apartment. Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong bought quite a lot for them to have fun.

3rd Day CNY – We met Michelle in IKEA for brunch. JL joined Tim and Emily to the play area in IKEA. It was JL’s first time going into the playground. It was a long queue to enter the playground. While I chatting with Michelle with AL playing outside (she was under age to enter the play area), PaPa went to get some grocery. Michelle even took AL to get a cone of ice-cream which was AL’s favorite.

For dinner, we went to a shop behind Tawakal Hospital where we had dinner with KongKong, PohPoh, Sam Yee, Sam Yee Cheong, MahMah, Sam Sok and Sam Yee Cheong whole family. The kids wore the clothes bought by KongKong and PohPoh.

4th Day CNY – Morning, we went to church. Usually we would go for Saturday evening service but for CNY there was only one service on Sunday. After service, we visited PaPa’s 4th granduncle. As for lunch, we went to Sakae Sushi at Subang Parade where JL got his free meal because it was the 1st Sunday of the month.

On 11Feb2011 Friday, we had dinner at Jalan Ipoh with our church Life Group. We carpool with a couple who drove an Innova with carseat.

Kids were waiting for Innova.

On 12Feb2011 Saturday, we had dinner at Shogun 1-Utama with PaPa’s partner and wife.

On 15Feb2011 Monday, we visited a friend’s mother in USJ and then to my aunty at TTDI. The kids were munching all the junk food that we went for early dinner that day. After TTDI, we went home where Uncle Madhu, Aunty Ita, Joshua and Joel were waiting for us. We spent whole evening catching up and they decided to join the early dinner with KongKong, PohPoh, Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong. Our old Poly friend, Shirley also came and joined us with her son Jayden too.

Today is the last day of CNY….

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Chap Goh Meh….


Health Freak Mommy said...

Othniel looked like a kung fu master in that outfit :D Princess Aeriel looks cuter by the day - still quite chubby eh?

jacss said...

hey chanel...looks like a lot of visits to Sakai Sushi this CNY for you & family ehh, hahaha
d yue sang must be good :D