Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our V-day was with the kids. We waited for JL to come back from school to bath, take his dinner and finish up his homework. Than off we go to Sunway Pyramid. It was hard to find parking as many couples were having their candlelight dinner there. It must a popular venue. After many rounds, we found a car park. Since it was late, we decided to let the kids walking around and the kids got McD sundae. PaPa bought two to be shared by four of us. Romantic?

After getting a few things, we decided to go home to order food from shop near apartment which offered free delivery to our doorstep. The kids were tired and zzzz off easily. By the time they slept, we had our V-Day dinner by eating ‘Tomyan’, Vegetables and Chicken ‘Petai’ in front of the television. It was economical than going for all the cruise deals. Anyway, we would to go for a short cruise in future if we had the opportunity.

Happy V-Day to all of you...


jazzmint said...

wah makan petai, smelly oo later when kiss :P. Happy Valentine's day to you