Friday, March 25, 2011

Remembering KongKong’s Parents

KongKong went to Batu Gajah with his brother and sister for a day trip to his parents’ graveyard this morning. It had been many years since the last time we visited the cemetery. It used to be a yearly routine to gather to visit the cemetery during ‘Cheng Beng’ time where family would gather (besides Chinese New Year) when we were young.

My grandfather passed away long time even before KongKong and PohPoh knew each other. My youngest sister didn’t even have the chance to meet our grandmother when she passed away. My grandmother passed away when I was still very young (before 6 years old) and was too young to help to plan a funeral. However, I remembered how she loved me a lot being the first granddaughter. She was sick and unable to carry me. She took the trouble to buy a pram, waiting for me at the airport and happily pushing me in the pram at the whole housing area showing proudly her granddaughter. She had no preference over boys than girls despite coming from China which was a surprise. She told my mother that as long as my mother and baby are healthy, that was the most important thing. I wish she was still alive to see my kids.

I hope to make a trip to the cemetery one day bringing JL and AL to see their great-grandparents.