Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Apartment Reno 2011

Since property price was going up so much, we decided to put our house hunting on hold first hopefully the right one would come one day. The location for house was limited due to mainly family reason. If we were to re-locate to a new place, a lot of major changes need to be done. JL was already 7 years old and he needed space for himself. Eventually, we also needed to give each JL and AL a room as they grew older. 

Then PaPa and I came out with a plan to do some minor renovation on the current apartment 845 sq ft. We decided to divide the kids’ room into JL’s room and store room. The current Store cum Office room would be AL’s room. PaPa and I would work from our dining table. Our apartment was on continuous renovation since 2003 and ended in 2007. We thought 2007 would be the last one, but it didn’t. 

PaPa did the measurement and draw up the plan using AutoCAD. Here is our proposed plan below drawn by me using Excel (please take note that it is not the accurate measurement. PaPa had the accurate measurement). There were a few items we have yet to decide how to arrange until the gypsum board wall being set-up.

Coincident, PaPa’s SIL’s friend was doing renovation in his apartment same block as ours. We decided to use the same contractor since it was considered a minor renovation. Well, the renovation would be starting tomorrow and according to the contractor, it would take 2 days. There goes our long weekend with all the dust until the contractor complete the renovation next Tuesday. 

However, our renovation movement of things started early this week. PaPa had to empty out the Store cum Office room. Such a small store area had things enough to cover the whole apartment dining area, master bedroom and part of the kitchen. Imagine, walking in the apartment via a small, dusty and squeeze paths in a maze. Few days of mess was enough to give PaPa rashes on his body (PaPa is allergy to dust) and for me, more blackheads on nose and pimples on the foreheads.

More updates and more photos on the next posts…


LittleLamb said...

hmm did u look around like auction property? cos recently i did saw some 1 storey houses...i kinda like in KJ area. the price is same like condo price.

michelle@mybabybay said...

Maybe you can build one storage area from floor to ceiling, that will give you some space.

sting said...

yeah, property prices are unbelievably high these days! I think the proposed layout is nice and less cluttered.. all the best