Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jeriel's 1st Exam Result Primary 1

Jeriel brought back all his 1st exam results…he didn’t score all perfect 100% like many other kids but we always remind Jeriel:

‘as long as you tried your best and learn from your mistakes, we will always be proud of you…’

  • English (Pemahaman) = 98 (miss out one question’s answer)
  • Malay (Pemahaman) = 99.5 (miss out the word ‘s’ for posmen)
  • Math = 92 (2 careless mistakes and 3 forgotten the key word in problem solving which was supposed to be ‘-’ and not ‘+’.)
  • Science & Chinese = 100 (is a great achievement for him because none of us know Mandarin at home, thanks to his tuition teacher and ‘anching’ teacher for all their guidance)
  • Computer = 75 (we need to work on this, he had almost zero revision for this subject)


slavemom said...

Excellent results! Well done, Jeriel! Yeah, those careless mistakes... we jes gotta keep on reminding them to chk chk chk their work.

Jess said...

very good result!

michelle@mybabybay said...

Bravo Jeriel

chinnee said...

chanel, jeriel done so well. computer not important worry...