Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Afternoon day off with Jazzmint and Sharon

Today I took whole day off to see JL’s anching’s teachers and also my yearly eye check… The whole afternoon was a day with Jazzmint and Sharon.

Since my eye check was done earlier than expected, PaPa dropped me at IPC where I spent a long time in Popular Bookstore. Than Jazzmint fetch me where we spent time in LHDN. I went to Public Mutual to get some administration done and off we 3 ladies for our time in 1U.

We had a very late lunch or should I say almost tea time in Canton-I as if we had skipped our lunch and till now I was too full for dinner. It was a much better way to lose weight than having the best weight loss pills. After late lunch, we went for our coffee break.

Even though it was short, we had a great time. I wish it was longer….

Jazzmint... we will miss you…


jazzmint said...

hey thanks for keeping me company at LHDN. So ng hou yee si gotta drag you along with me

Sharon Boo said...

Oh yea, it was a fun afternoon. I will miss jazz too... :-)

giddy tigress said...

Nice day out with the girls eh? And you managed to throw in a coffee break too! Good for ya! :)