Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Following my pregnant colleague in ambulance to hospital…

This is an outdated sharing… It would be an experience which I would never forget.

About 1 month ago, I had breakfast with my two colleagues and one of them was 7-month pregnant. It was Friday. In between, my pregnant colleague wanted to go toilet while another colleague and I were taking our drink. As we were finishing our drink, from far, I saw my pregnant colleague was waving at me from the cafeteria entrance and pointing the floor below here.

Something told my heart that something was wrong. I rushed to her and found that her water bag was leaking. Calmly, I told her to give a call to her gynae that she was on the way to hospital. She wanted to go toilet while I called the other colleague from the cafeteria. I went to the department to collect her handbag and also inform our department secretary. Our department secretary called for our company ambulance to send us to the hospital while another colleague drove her car to the hospital to fetch me back to office.

One of the company nurses followed me in the ambulance comforting her. The nurse even called the hospital A & E to get them ready. I followed her from A & E (including registering her) till the labor ward. Another colleague accompanied me outside the labor ward while we were waiting for our pregnant colleague’s husband. Once her husband arrived, we passed to him her handbag and went into the labor room to say goodbye.

I have been keeping in touch with her husband on the progress. She was injected twice to speed up her baby’s lung maturity and also on antibiotic to avoid infection since her water bag was leaking. She managed to hold on till almost midnight on Sunday that she was sent for emergency c-section as her baby was on breach position. Her baby who was about 1kg was placed in the incubator in NICU until recently she was out of incubator at 1.2kg. We were hoping that her baby would gain weight at least to minimum 1.8kg in order to be discharged and back to home sweet home.

While baby was in the NICU, she (the baby’s mother) was working very hard pumping breast milk sending to the hospital daily for her baby’s consumption. I also know she was checking on insurance and I hope she would get the best insurance, i.e. medical quotes, life quotes, term life insurance quotes etc... I hope she would have an honest agent giving her the best quotes.

On top of all, I pray that her baby would be home soon…