Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our 1st Buttercake using Breadmaker

After trying a few loaves of bread, using the breadmaker we bought earlier, I bought a buttercake premix from Bake with Yen. It was simple, by just adding eggs and butter together with the premix into the breadmaker, within less than 3 hours, we had our buttercake ready. Since the breadmaker mould was small, it top part of the cake looked likes a volcano eruption. The kids loved peeling the top part while it was hot because it was crunchy.

We didn’t have to use a mixer or an oven. The breadmaker did all the mixing and baking. It was thumb-up for the whole family. Now I had a few packets in the cupboard as stand-by.


Agnes said...

I have been wanting to try baking cake with my bread machine as well, but it didn't seem to work, I will try again, you butter cake looks delicious. Less work using bread machine to make butter cake :D