Friday, September 16, 2011

Our new oven

We have postponing whether to buy or not an oven for quite some time. We didn’t want to regret at the end and ended up becoming a white elephant taking space of our small and limited kitchen.

At last we decided to get but deciding on the brand and size was the next challenge. After checking with colleague G and friends, we decided to go for Butterfly brand. Another challenge was where to get the oven. Good thing my colleague G told me the HQ was in Jalan Ipoh. I searched in the internet for the telephone number to call and found from HQ a nearby branch for me to go. Next, I searched again in the internet for the nearby shop just before Hari Raya and got the price. PaPa was supposed to go and get it but was caught with outstation work.

So yesterday, Thursday 15Sept2011 (today is Hari Malaysia) after work, I drove home and fetch JL to PJ Old Town. AL was sleeping. It was no jam to go there but quite a bad jam to go home after purchasing the oven. I had already checked in the internet for the location of the shop and using Papago (installed in my phone) with JL help, we found the shop.

We bought a 42l oven, a small square baking tray, a 12-muffin baking tray, cupcakes paper and a mixer spatula, all at slightly over RM400. The oven was RM380. When I saw the oven, it looked similar to Anggie’s oven. Yes, I can get Anggie’s help if I am stuck with this oven.

Our next challenge was to arrange the kitchen… at the end I kept the rice cooker in the cupboard and hopefully PaPa and I would be find the best way to re-arrange things in the kitchen.

The kids were excited to try out that weekend….next post….


Anonymous said...

I plan to buy one too since long time ago, hehehe... :)