Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuna Puff

My colleague, Karina shared with me a simple way of making puffs. Making puffs were a big challenge, she recommended me to buy a frozen puff ‘Kawan’ brand which can be bought from major hypermarket.

I tried on 21Sept2011 morning by using Tuna. I didn’t expect it to be simple and fast.

1. Put some tuna inside the square pastry and fold into triangle (you can opt to fold into half too).

2. Just seal the side with egg yolk and using a fork to press at the side.

3. Using the same fork, make some holes on the part where the pastry was filled with tuna to release the steam while baking

4. Brush the top of the pastry with egg white to give the nice finishing

5. Bake in a pre-heat oven for about 20-25 minutes approximately 180degree Celsius (depend on your oven) or until brown.

JL and AL took to school. That morning, for the 1st time, they both even took some for their breakfast. They usually would only take milk for breakfast but that day, they took Tuna Puff and milk for breakfast.

Next was to check-out how to make different ingredients to fill-up the puff…


Cheah said...

I made apple turnovers with this Kawan pastry too. Turned out very well.

chanelwong said... read my mind.. I was looking for Apple filling recipe... Thanks soo much... I love your blog.. a lot to learn to maximise my breadmaker and oven usage...

chinnee said...

Chanel, i din use anything to seal the mouth. just press with a fork and theu seal quite well.

Did a non spicy curry puff using vermont @

chinnee said...

oh yes, it is best do not seal it up with egg. because you will get pretty layers when it fluff up like what you saw in my blog.

chinnee said...

This is another simple idea

A Mom's Diary said...

You are really into cooking and baking these days, eh? I use Kawan pastry too but I didn't brush the top with egg white before baking, and they turned out into nice layers as Chinnee mentioned.