Saturday, October 15, 2011

Minor accident

Not too long ago, during AL birthday, we had a minor accident on the way to Shah Alam to collect AL’s cup cakes from Aunty Jo. Well the accident wasn’t a major loss but our stationary car was waiting in turn to turn in to a round-about when an impatience car from behind though that our car was going forward a little bit, inching into the roundabout, the car move forward and bump our car from behind.

We actual stop moving to the roundabout due to an oncoming car speeding and the car behind us couldn’t not have seen that other car on the roundabout. The result an accident happen, only both our cars were involved and thank God nobody was injured. We called our regular mechanic, the collision estimating to about RM200++ because the mechanic said he have to see the physical damaged to give a better estimation.

There was a short debate or argument with the behind car about the estimation because no exterior damage was seen on both cars, but from my experience, internal damaged of car frame was a definite. To cut the long story short… we went to the back car’s mechanic to get his opinion and estimation. Well this other mechanic said collision estimating RM300++ for the repair. We settle for a minimal amount due to good will and the change of heart from the back car co-driver (he was furious and adamant that we were cheating him).

Lesson learnt not to judge a car collision by the exterior. The car behind was surprise to learn that all the bracket for the front of their car was broken and that will cost even more and by the looks of the car and the number plate, the car behind just collected the car from the car dealer not more than a day or two ago.