Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hong Kong 23-28Nov2011 – Day 05 The Peak & Mongkok

27Nov2011(Sun) – The Peak & Mongkok

We decided to take it easy that day by waking up later than other days. We took the shuttle and MTR. We took a stroll at the Chater Garden and amazed by the foreign workers crowd gathering. The place reminded us of Puduraya during weekend where all the foreign works including maids gathered together.

It was a long Q waiting to buy and get the tram up to The Peak. The sun was shining bright. The place was crowded.

We did not buy the entrance ticket to Madame Tussaud.

We spent a long time at The Peak. The scenery was amazing and spectacular. The cool breeze was nice.

We took a tram back down and walk through the Chater Garden and made our way to Mongkok.

At Mongkok, we split ourselves to walk in the Market area and agreed to meet at the end of the road at certain time.

We managed to get linen material Chinese top for PaPa and myself. We also bought a cotton cheongsam for AL but unable to find plain linen Chinese top for JL. We got Christmas gift for PohPoh and MahMah. I managed to get knitted long coat for about RM60. PaPa helped to negotiate and we got 2 for me (one light and one black color). PaPa also found plastic buckle belts which he bought for himself and also for JL. JL’s belt buckle was rusty even though PaPa polished it for many times. We decided plastic buckle would be the option. AL took her nap in the Ergo Carrier while JL sat on the stool in each of the stall while waiting for us to negotiate and get our things without fuss.

From Mongkok, we again split because we wanted to go to Chin Nee’s hotel to pass the Ergo Carrier to the concierge as she would be arriving the following day. Thanks a lot Chin Nee… JL decided he wanted to walk instead of taking the MTR. We walked and walked. After passing the Ergo Carrier, we walked and walked. We took MTR to Tsim Tsa Tsui, our meeting spot with Sharon’s family.

HH’s Hkg friend met us there too to bring us for a lovely steamboat nearby there. It was nice of them to include our family for the dinner. We wanted to split the bill but HH’s friend insisted that the dinner was under him.

We went back to hotel and it was a busy night packing our things. PaPa brought extra vacuum bags to keep all our purchase. It was amazing that we were able to keep all within the same number of luggage without opening our standby bags. We came with 1 medium + 1 cabin size+1 backpack (with 1 foldable bag + 1 backpack inside).