Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hong Kong 23-28Nov2011 – Day 06 Departure

28Nov2011(Mon) – Departure

Last day…took us many months to plan and it took such a short time to complete….

Last view from our room…

We left out luggage in the luggage room and requested the hotel to bring the luggage out before 12pm to the concierge so that we could catch the 12pm shuttle to airport. I check-out both rooms and paid the bill.

We took the free shuttle to MTR Tung Chung but not to take MTR ride, instead, we went to Citygate to have our breakfast and fast walk in Citygate because we need to take the 11.40am shuttle back to hotel in order to take another shuttle to the airport. It was real fast walk. PaPa got me a bigger Coach wristlet. He almost wanted to get me a sling bag but I was a bit reluctant. It was soo tempted because the price was cheaper than here.

Back to hotel and off to airport. We walked around the airport and there were Disneyland shop in the airport. AL got her Minnie Mouse cap and we were unable to find for JL. We got two pair of Mickey earrings.

Off to the airplane where the kids eat and watch movie…. AL was feeling much better …

Home sweet home with one whole pile of laundry…took us days to clear the laundry….


chinnee said...

geee...short time u complete the trip u said? We all can't wait to get back, hahaha..beh tahan liao carrying the boys and walking around HK especially the last 2 days.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Jeriel boy wearing glasses now? Did you take a tour package?

chanelwong said...

we did a simple itinerary...didn't cover a lot of places..

health freak mommy
yes...he wore since mid of the year... We didn't take any tour group. Prefer to keep to our own pace...