Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14Feb2012-Our Valentine

It was a normal working day. After a long day fire-fighting in the office, I was looking forward to go home and see my family.

When I arrived home, I realized that PaPa was not home and kitchen was as if was left while preparing some food. I wonder… I took my shower and fetch AL from my parents place. AL presented this for PaPa and Mummy.

As I came home, I could smell something very nice from the kitchen. PaPa was back from buying some of the ingredients. He was cooking his special cabonara pasta. Yummy... the best…

We had a fast and early dinner together before JL’s tuition teacher arrived. While JL had his tuition and AL sat down on the table doing her writing, PaPa and I went out to redeem Maxis Valentine ChaTime Buy one free one. Early of the day, PaPa bought ChaTime for the kids and kept in the fridge to surprise them.

It was a short drive just two of us to get our drink and drive home… A simple yet meaningful day for both of us and the kids.