Sunday, February 19, 2012

18Dec2011- Luminarc WHS

It was last minute that we decided to go for Luminarc Warehouse in TTDI on Sunday 18Dec2011. Sheryl Hen tempted me with whatsapp message on Saturday with her purchase.

We thought it would be a short trip and just a window shopping but it was none of what we expected.

It was a Sunday and happened the marketing head was there in the morning started to give happy period price where the price would be slashed down even more than the special whs price for a short period.

We were admiring the plain white square dinner sets (Made in France). The price was cheap and it was even cheaper during the happy hour that it slashed down by 50% of the special whs price. We got one dozen each of dinner plate, dessert plate and small bowls with 2 big bowls and 3 big serving plates. It was a great deal. We were eyeing on correlle for quite some time but this would do too…

Then another slashed on luminarc (similar to corningware) which could cook over the stove and in the oven too. It was a nice simple round plain white with no design. I was waiting one corner with all our plates in a basket with AL. PaPa brought JL to have a look in the crowd. Both of them came out from the crowd with 4 different sizes.

We wanted to get a glass (like pyrex) to roast chicken but it was all sold out.

We came out from the whs with a lot of things and big hole in our pocket…unexpected expense…

We went home to clear our cupboard. Our old faithful dinner set – thick and heavy was still in good condition that we gave to AL’s kindy teacher. Now, with thinner and lighter set, we had more space.

At last at 8+ years, we got our thin and light dinner set (plain colour) at low price.


chinnee ( said...

WAHHHH!!! Soooo CHEAP!!! I have been longing for a set even before i got married. Next time if got let me know k.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, such a good deal. i like Luminarc and they are less pricey compared to Corelle :)