Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 CNY

This year 2012 Chinese New Year (CNY) was an eventful for us. Even though it was more than 1 month, but I would like to write down a short one about 2012 CNY.

Sunday 22Jan2012 – CNY Eve

PaPa was sick just before CNY. He was so sick to even wake up from the bed with bad high fever. He had to miss the CNY reunion. On the eve of CNY, I got to roast a chicken and get the children ready for reunion in my BIL’s house. It was challenging but we made it to the reunion with the roast chicken safely carried by JL in the car. PaPa’s big brother cooked extra sweet and sour pork because it was PaPa’s favorite dish. The reunion dinner was not complete with PaPa.

Monday 23Jan2012 – 1st CNY

PaPa was still sick but he insisted to go on with the relative visitation. We went to his elder brother’s house and from there to his Ku Mah’s house where we met with the other aunty and cousins’ families. We were bringing PaPa’s medicine and thermometer everywhere.

After lunch, we rested for a while and went for an early dinner in my parents’ place. From the early dinner, we went to visit PaPa’s maternal grandmother.

That night, we loaded the luggage into the car for our long trip up north tomorrow.

Tuesday 24Jan2012 – 2nd CNY

We were supposed to go up north early in the morning with my parents and youngest sister with her hubby. We asked them to go up first and we would most probably go much later depend how PaPa would be with a longer sleep. I wanted to cancel the trip but PaPa said let him sleep longer and he should be ok.

We started our journey quite late and stopover in Ipoh for our lunch in McD. We arrived just before evening and went to my aunty’s house to put our things down. PaPa took some rest while the kids took a shower.

My parents, sister and BIL came over to my aunty’s house (they staying in nearby hotel). From my aunty’s house, we went to my maternal grandmother’s place. She was staying with my mother’s youngest brother’s place. My uncle cooked so many delicious foods… yummy yummy…

After dinner, we spent time in my grandmother’s house as more relatives drop by too. My grandmother’s house is located just next to a railway track with a big piece or no-man land. My uncle planted a lot of fruits and also reared some hens, geese etc... It was like a mini kampong.

JL was playing fireworks with my cousin sister who was about 17 years old.

Wednesday 25Jan2012 – 3rd CNY

We decided to drive up to Kangar to visit some family friends… and also our lunch with typically kampong food, fried ‘ikan keli’ …sooo yummy…. Before that, we had great yummy breakfast at my grandmother’s house.

PaPa went to see our family doctor to double check. While waiting in the clinic, memories of my childhood started to flood in… it was a collection of remarkable memories…

That night we went back for another sumptuous dinner at my grandmother’s house.

Thursday 26Jan2012 – 4th CNY

We had another great breakfast in my grandmother’s house before we drove down to Penang. At Penang, we went to PohPoh’s eldest sister’s house. We had another round of nice home cooked food in Penang.

After lunch, my parents, sister and BIL went to check-into hotel in town. We went to PaPa’s grandaunty’s place for a night. PaPa’s uncle took us for dinner in the restaurant that night.

After dinner, the kids played fireworks in front of the house.

Friday 27Jan2012 – 5th CNY

We left Penang and went to Kulim for a night with PaPa’s old friend whom PaPa met when he was studying there.

That night we had Steamboat at home.

Saturday 28Jan2012 – 6th CNY

We left Kulim very early in the morning to avoid massive expected traffic jam. We let the kids to continue their sleep in the car.

It was a good idea because we arrive back here just on time for McD breakfast set.

It was short trip…n tiring but most important was being able to visit my grandmother….

A big pile of laundry to clear which took me days… and PaPa got better…


chinnee ( said...

same thought like you, i always think that visiting old people must not be missed especially during CNY. It is always a bonus to be able to be with them another CNY :)