Thursday, February 23, 2012

Useful Step Stool

Back when we first moved-in, we had little furniture as we budgeted for other necessities rather than built-in cupboards. Most of the furniture was either brought in from our previous rented room or from my in-law’s house. As time passed, we changed our cupboards and did up the kitchen. The high cupboard were hard to reach and not very safe to use a chair to reach. So we got ourselves a two-step-stool to reach the top shelf of the high cupboard.
When we got JL, it didn’t take long before his inquisitive mind took over, wanting to see over the counter top and see out the window panes, to see what we were keeping. His best buddy then was the two-step-stool we bought earlier and he would drag the stool from the kitchen to the dining room to wherever he wants to reach to see what is going on. So the use from one generation to another is passed on. Hope the sturdy step stool can reach another generation.