Saturday, March 03, 2012

Honoring the lower price

Just the other day we were at Tesco to get our weekly groceries. We were looking for the bargains printed in Tesco weekly booklet for the best price in town. JL usually drinks one box of milk everyday in school during recess time and it was on promotion. The price was RM3.99 for a pack of four and it was arranged at the aisle near the entrance. So we took two packs.
As we were going to buy a carton of one liter box, we move down to the milk aisle and to our surprise the box milk for JL was cheaper than advertise. We took the packet to the nearest wall mounted bar code scanner and it shows the higher price but the price on the aisle was RM3.80 per packet. At the cashier where the best barcode scanner was used, it also scanned the price to be higher.
We took a picture of the lower price at the milk aisle and they honored the lower price and we bought half a dozen of milk box packet.