Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

We usually go to Saturday evening service. However since it was Mother’s Day weekend, there was no Kids and Toddler service on Saturday evening, instead a combined service for the kids on Sunday 11am service.
On Mother’s Day morning, JL went for his basketball lesson. After his lesson, he took his fast shower and off we went to church.
After church, we went to 1 Utama to catch movie. We promised the kids after JL’s school exam, we would go for the movie ‘Avengers’. We got tickets for 3pm show. Our lunch was a fast one in McD.
It was a fantastic show and AL was enjoying the popcorn. We bought the Lite & Sweet one. Towards the end of the show, AL was busy singing song that at some point I had to close her mouth because it was getting too loud…
Movie done, we went to walk around and as usual kids would have their one round walk in Toys R Us.
Our Mother’s Day dinner for that day was Pasta Zanmai, just four of us. Then, the kids had the favorite Japanese ice-cream wafer from Shojikiya.
It was a long long day and we decided to drive home….

The best gift for Mother’s Day was to see DH and kids all healthy and happy…
Note: JL did a beautiful handmade card for me… AL did a mini hanger with a photo of both of us… I have yet to take the photo of both gifts yet…
Blessed Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mummies ….