Monday, December 03, 2012

Baby #3 Check-up 30Nov2012 – 11th appointment

It was the 11th appointment and it will be weekly check-up. I have been experiencing cramps a lot that the gynae checked on the cervix after doing bacteria swap test. The cervix was still closed but it was already soften. Gynae had also issued an admission letter for me and told us to admit immediately if there is any sign of labor especially nowadays it has been raining heavily in the evening.

Based on my period cycle, my due date was supposed to be 26Dec2012. After reviewing the scans, the due date had move to few days earlier. Since my earlier 2 deliveries were early, so now I am consider on stand-by mode…

On Sunday 02Dec2012, we loaded the hospital bag into the car and PaPa had already fixed baby carseat into the car.

03May2012 – 1st appointment
25May2012 – 2nd appointment (55.9kg)
16June2012 – 3rd appointment (57.9kg)
19July2012 – 4th appointment (59.7kg)
25Aug2012 – 5th appointment (64kg)
21Sept2012 – 6th appointment (66.2kg)
05Oct2012 – 7th appointment (65.9kg) – Baby was about 1.5kg
19Oct2012 – 8th appointment (67.5kg) – Baby was about 1.86kg
02Nov2012 – 9th appointment (67.9kg) – Baby was about 2.2kg
16Nov2012 – 10th appointment (69.3kg) – Baby was about 2.6kg
30Nov2012 – 11th appointment (69.0kg) – Baby was about 3.0kg

We completed what need to be done with the last batch of Cloth Diapers washed and folder over the weekend. There is 1 small box of things which we plan to clear. We have been cleaning and throwing/giving away a lot of things to de-clutter the small apartment.

All the extra baby things except clothes such as baby tub, bouncinet, rocker, bedsheets etc have been transferred to KongKong and PohPoh’s apartment. Some of the herbs are being stored in our fridge with most of them in PohPoh’s fridge who would be the chef. The herbal bath packets are stored in my apartment.

On 28Nov2012 (Wed) nite, the kids helped to put the babycot sheet and bumper cots. All was up except the cot mobile which PaPa would need to get the batteries. This mobile cot was very sentimental to us because it was used since JL, AL and now baby#3.

On 01Dec2012 (Sat), at last the Christmas tree was set-up by the kids. They were excited. PaPa had also hang up big socks in the hall and this year we had 3 socks hanging up instead of 2.

I have been experiencing many episodes of cramps. Hopefully I would be able to know between false and real ones….