Monday, December 10, 2012

Expected Delivery Date….

Hmmm… this is very tricky while waiting for normal delivery signs to show. It is always hard to predict when. PaPa and I have been always on stand-by mode for this one.

JL was 3 weeks early coming unexpected with early morning on Friday with water bag leaking. The first leaking was in the very early morning and PaPa said I was having urine leaking. The second one came later and I told him it was time. PaPa called gynae while I took my shower. Upon admission, JL was delivered by noon just before gynae went off to catch his flight to Singapore. I was on laughing gas and the nurses were surprised to see how fast JL was delivered because they were expecting him to be out latest in the evening or maybe the next day.

AL was 2 weeks early and I remembered clearly it was Sunday. I couldn’t walk feeling like having period cramp. I was sitting in the car timing myself while PaPa and JL went to church. During that period, I sms my gynae who advised me to go to hospital which happened to be near the church to check if I am having contractions.

After church service, we went to collect cloth diapers which I ordered earlier for AL and went to hospital without any hospital bag. When I was there the nurse found I was having contractions and called my gynae. I wanted to go home to send JL to my parents’ place and also collect my hospital bag. However upon checking, I was already 6cm. Thinking there would be enough time, my gynae went home while PaPa went home to send JL to my parents’ place.

In less than 30 minutes, I was feeling the urge to push and coincidently a nurse came in and found that I was almost fully dilated. She began to shout the other nurse to call for my gynae. While to stop me from pushing, she folded my two legs to the side and gave me laughing gas to ease the urge to push. The moment was like eternity and when my gyane arrived, I was high.

AL was delivered less than 1 hour admission to the hospital. PaPa missed the whole event and saw her via mms photo. PaPa was just about to collect the hospital bag when he received the mms photo.

Baby #3
This would be a big questions mark… Will she be early 2 weeks like AL as now I am into 38-39 weeks? Or she will be 1 week early?