Sunday, December 23, 2012

First time experiencing nipple cracked and bleeding

This was my first time experiencing nipple cracked and bleeding. Both nipples started to crack during the colostrums period. It was painful and it really hurt badly. The left one started to bleed. It was a torturing and painful experience during each breastfeeding session.

On 16Dec2012, Vivian came to rescue me and asked me to use extra virgin coconut oil to be put on the nipple which would act as antibacterial. She taught me her favorite position to breastfeed EL. I appreciate her time rushing on Sunday to my place to assist me.

It was until 20Dec2012 (Thursday) afternoon when I started to develop high fever. I decided I need to rest the left breast by pumping out. I would pump and PaPa would feed EL using cup. The fever was still persistent at about 39.5 that on 22Dec2012 (Saturday), I went to see Dr Koe. It was good thing I went on that day because she would be close from Christmas Eve onwards and his clinic would only resume on Wednesday. We waited almost 3 hours for our turn. Dr Koe examined EL and said she was ok. She checked baby latching and found I have infection. I was prescribed with antibiotic, panadol and ointment for the nipple. The ointment is not safe for breastfeeding and need to wipe off before breastfeeding. Since it was too painful to properly wipe it off, I decided to pump and throw away the milk rather than cup feeding EL. I dare not count how much milk I had thrown away.

I hope I will recover fast so that I can use both breast to feed EL. I also pray that EL would be able to latch as well as AL on my short nipple. At current moment, EL is breastfeed on right breast only.


chinnee said...

Hi Chanel, hope u are ok now. It happened to my sis too, and she had been only feeding her child on single breast!