Sunday, December 16, 2012

Office politics and backstabbing

What is new? It is common. I know in office some people will use others in order to get promotion and also recognition in the department.

I am one of the victims who innocently help with sincere heart but at the end being manipulated and back mouthed. It is sad right… However I learn to accept the reality and knowing that one day the truth will set me free. Some of my colleagues were surprised that why I never retaliate over it when I was being back mouthed on the things which I didn’t do.

As for me, there is no point to waste my time and get angry over the matter as long as my conscious is clear and I didn’t do anything against God’s wish. At my age, a lot of my friends from uni have already holding high position and I am only a Senior Executive, I am very contented and grateful with what God’s has been blessing me.