Thursday, January 10, 2013

Confinement Experience differences

After going through three confinements, it was a total different when having only one baby to having baby with 2 older kids.

1st Confinement
My parents stayed with us and I was not allowed to move but just lie down flat on the bed. I had a long stitches and sitting down was a big challenge. Everything was done by my parents and PaPa. After herbal bath, PaPa would stand by outside the bathroom with hair dryer to dry my hair. All in all, my job was to eat, sleep and breastfeed JL.

2nd Confinement
My parents rented an apartment nearby. JL was sent to kindy by KongKong and would stay the other half day with KongKong and PohPoh. During daytime, I would be alone with AL as PaPa would be out for work. I would sleep, eat, breastfeed and change AL’s napkin by wiping with baby wipes. When PaPa was around, he would change AL’s napkin by washing her buttock with water from the sink. PohPoh would cook and sent to our apartment.

3rd Confinement
JL and AL were having school holidays while PaPa was working from home. Most of the time, everyone would be home. PohPoh would cook and deliver to our apartment. She would boil the herbal bath and put in the bathroom. I would have a fast bath with the hot herbal bath and the day I washed my hair, I would wrap my hair and get the hair dryer by myself.

Besides that, I also did some light housework to assist because housework was more with more family members.

Being a person who is always on the go, I have never enjoyed confinement period especially sweaty and hot feeling.