Tuesday, January 08, 2013

EL’s Full Moon

EL would be 30 days old on 10Jan2013. PaPa and I would stick to the simple way of celebrating her one month old by distributing full moon box. As for those who we would be unable to deliver especially outstation, we would get voucher to be posted to them.

After survey in the internet, we settled with a company who would deliver all the boxes to our apartment at no charges. PaPa made a phone call to make booking and payment would be made upon delivery. I also called to order for the vouchers.

Initially, we thought of having dinner for relatives in Klang Valley but upon calculation, we found that this would burst our budget. We decided to cancel our plan.

Our little princess EL would be 1 month old….


chinnee said...

Happy Fullmoon to EL. Hope you have got enough rest during the confinement. Still, must remember to enjoy your baby. Qiqi keep asking for one, sigh....

slavemom said...

My kids' fullmoon were super simple. We don't even deliver to relatives n frens who r not near to where we stay, even tho still in the Klang Valley. :p