Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ameda Breast Pump

This was the pump which we invested when I was pregnant with AL after much research. It was the pump which did not give me any problem for 2 years with 2x pumping during weekdays in the 1st year and 1x pumping in the 2nd year. All the extra spare parts which purchased were still kept unused.

One week before I started work, EL was sent to PohPoh’s place in order to let her get use with bottle-feed and also to estimate how much EBM I should defreeze for her. It was that time that my precious Ameda breast pump was not functioning. I called and sms Vivian from Fabulousmom for SOS. I managed to get the contact for Ameda Service Centre which was located in USJ. Yes…Ameda is in Malaysia unlike back in 2008.

I called Mr. Tan immediately and PaPa drove me to the service centre. Upon checking, he found that the rubber had snapped off. All in all for the repair and service which was less than 30 minutes, I had to pay RM 120. I came out from the service centre happily. Mr. Tan commented that how well kept my breast pump was and it did not give me any problem during the 2 years pumping for AL. Besides that I also found that my breast pump was made in Swiss.


GG said...

Hi can you provide me the contact for ameda service center in Malaysia? i bought my unit from oversea so i can't get any baby shops to help to on the after service :( Many thanks.