Saturday, March 09, 2013

My collection of Breastpumps

I have 3 breast pumps.

Avent Manual Breast pump
This is my faithful pump which I have since JL’s time. It has been my stand-by pump when there is power failure especially JL’s time because Spectra 1 breast pump requires electricity. This is also my on-to-go breast pump when I need to pump in the car. I also use this pump when I need to ease the engorgement during the 1st month of adjustment and also during the weaning off period.

This is my first electric double breast pump which was purchased when JL was delivered. Spectra is the first generation of the Spectra collection and during that time, it was not available in the market except in hospital. A mother helped me to purchase and deliver to our apartment during my confinement time.

I bought Ameda from UK using paid post money. Ameda was not available in Malaysia and a mother gave me a reliable contact from UK. PaPa helped me to decide on which double electric pump to get as I wanted a double electric pump with the option of battery. He decided that it would be worthwhile for me to get the full backpack set which include coolant bag and car adapter. The seller gave me lots of storage bottles for free. I also added spare parts valves and diaphragms just in case. Besides that extra pair of Ameda Standard Breast Flange was also added so that I can pump twice in office without having to rush to sterilize in the office. All in all, after adding the postage it was still cheaper than M brand.