Monday, April 08, 2013

Kids’ Art Class

Seeing JL’s tight schedule, JL stopped his art class this year. I managed to negotiate with his art class teacher to have lessons during school holiday to finish up his water colour program. His art teacher was very understanding and willing to accommodate to JL’s time.
Last school holiday in March 2013, JL had 4 lessons in a week to cover up one month lesson. The art teacher taught him the basic technique. JL would need to make time to practice at home all the technique he learnt.
At the same time, we also enrolled AL during the same time as JL as trial lesson. This was to help her to get use with the teacher. Immediately after the first lesson, she came back telling us she wanted to join art class. This caught us a surprise because we had been asking her to go to art class and she refused to go without her KorKor. However, this time she was willing to go by herself.  The time was just right because JL also started his lesson when he was 5 years old and now it was the time for JL to pass the baton to AL.