Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby wearing with EL

The first time I did baby wearing was with AL using a ring sling presented as gift by Ita and Anggie. It was a short while. During our Hong Kong trip in 2011, Chin Nee lent us Ergo to carry AL in Hong Kong town. AL was about 3+ years old and I was surprised that it was comfortable carrying her with Ergo except of the sweaty experience.

When I was pregnant with EL, we decided to get Boba 3G which was cheaper than Ergo. Using my Fabulousmom VIP Card, I managed to get extra discount.

Boba 3G has been our great helper so that both my hands are free to hold JL and AL when I am alone. Besides that, it helps to ease aching of carrying EL who is heavy. We use Boba a lot in shopping malls and crowded places. EL will usually sleep in Boba. I realized that EL is a contented baby and always smile. She loves hugging in the Boba giving her the sense of security.

Even though EL is our last baby and getting the Boba is a great investment. No regret…