Tuesday, June 25, 2013

El’s 1st Solid --08June13

EL was just a few days before she turned 6 months old. Since 12June13 would be on weekday, I decided to start her solid on Saturday 08June13. Her first solid was mashed avocado. It was a messy first time but it was fun seeing her trying out her first solid. She kept pushing her tongue in and out.

After few days with mashed avocado, we introduced her with mashed Japanese sweet potato, steamed mashed pear and steamed mashed pumpkin. She is getting better in her solid intake. However, BM is still her main food and solid food is just her supplement at this moment. She needs time to adjust especially her body digestion as her stool is getting harder.

We also introduced water in between feeding her solid to clean her mouth.

This weekend I am thinking to try out steamed mashed apple for her. I am still reading Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Once her intake increases, we will try her on millets and other grain slowly. During that time, our small thermal pot will be working hard…

A milestone with Eli…