Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Going to Market with 2 kids

There is a lot of post of myself alone with kids…it is not to show off but just my personal journal with my kids for memory keeping.

There was one Saturday when PaPa was not around and coincidently I need to go to the market. Currently, I would do the family marketing every fortnightly. Hmmm… JL had his TKD at 730am.

It was an early morning digging all the kids up. I got JL to change into his uniform. I tied up AL’s hair and changed EL’s diaper. With EL in the Boba, we drove out to send JL to his TKD class and then to the market with the two girls.

After marketing, we would wait for JL to finish his lessons and off we go home. I would either clean up the marketing with EL being taken care by JL or put EL in her stroller in the kitchen to see me.

Yes, I made it…