Sunday, September 01, 2013

EL is 8.5 months

I am very very bad in keeping update with my kids, milestone. Being the youngest, she is such a joy to all of us. Knowing she will be my last one, I must make sure I enjoy every moment.

She is able to sit and crawl. Recently, she claps with smile and joy in her face, making us soo happy. At times, I feel quite bad unable to spend more time with her unlike during her KorKor and JieJie time. Most probably, she is being smart to stay up late in order to have all our time to her while the elder two is sleeping.

She is currently taking some solid as up to this week besides potatoes, asparagus and spinach; she is taking millet+oats+quinoa+buckwheat+pearl barley. I will be adding one more grain and most probably cauliflower. She loves to chew Puffs and Blueberries.