Thursday, October 03, 2013


I am one year older… age is catching up….I decided to take one day off from my office. Yes, wasted one day annual leave but I just took it…

After sending the kids to their kindy/daycare, I met my DH at a mamak shop for our breakfast date… it has been such a long time since the last time we had our breakfast date. Once we were done with breakfast, I went for my long overdue dental check-up while DH was soo sweet to help to get baking things from the baking shop. My dental check-up was surprisingly fast with just scaling and cleaning up. I went for my facial. The facial lady was so nice to accommodate my last minute request knowing I would not be able to go for regular facial since EL was still young.

It was noon when I drove back to have a fast pumping session and out to 1-Utama with DH to meet up our friend MT for lunch. She spent us lunch since it was my birthday. Since we wanted to see JL in his school, MT jumped into our car to see JL during recess time to pass him RotiBoy. After seeing JL, we were back to 1-Utama for our cuppa of coffee session and continuing our chatting. It was a never ending chat but we got to go as MT needed to fetch her son from tuition. At the same time, JL’s tuition teacher cancelled the tuition for that nite.

We went to BMS Organic shop to get some stuffs since it was my birthday, every RM100 I would get RM10 rebate. Wow…it burnt a big hole in my pocket…

We headed home to wait for JL. I went up to fetch EL to get her ready. Once JL was back, we rushed him to shower and pack his homework. We went to fetch AL from her ballet class. KongKong was faithfully waiting for AL in the dancing centre and he had been doing this on weekly basis. We went to Paradigm Mall for Sushi Zanmai, yes the kids loved japs… EL was good sitting in the high chair eating her biscuits while we ate our dinner.

After dinner, we went to Starbuck thinking to redeem a free cake but unfortunately, I was able to get it 24 hours after purchasing a drink (which I am not clear on the rules). So we bought a hot chocolate for the kids to share while DH and myself shared a free grande frap because DH helped to register my Starbuck’s card. On the way to the car, we went to buy Mille Crepe where the kids chose a slice of mango and durian each.

Since everyone was still full, we ate the crepe at home with our drink.

It was nothing big to shout about but feeling bless to have my DH and kids with me. AL also made 2 not 1 birthday card for me using blue colour because Mummy loves blue.

This morning, my 2 sisters surprised me with a birthday present…a big bundle…hmmm let me check it out tonight….

Last weekend, my parents took me out for dinner in BBQ Plaza….

God’s blessing which is priceless…..