Monday, January 13, 2014

Breastfeeding journey with EL

BF with EL was not a very smooth journey especially having bad cut on the nipple which took ages to recover. It was an extreme painful recovery. For this time, I didn’t pump a lot as I did during AL’s time. Thus, the freezer supply was not as much as during AL’s time.

I managed to get into 1st year of full breastfeeding EL. As I embarked into 2nd year, it would be challenging because I would need to go for station audit which would take up to 2 weeks. I had a few challenges which I need to plan well:

   -  Will my freezer storage be sufficient? Should I start introducing FM to her in case during the 2 weeks period the EBM finished?
- To train her to drink from bottle during night time
- Pumping and freezing milk at overseas and carrying back 2 weeks of pumping milk

It would be major challenge because doing station audit is a new experience me and having to juggle with pumping session would be a great test.

Currently I am waiting for my boss to let me know the date and which station before I can start all my planning… wish me all the best…